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An opinionated framework for creating REST-like APIs in Ruby.

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Entities and Representers




  • grape-cors: Ruby Grape Api extension with Cross-origin resource sharing.
  • grape-throttle: Provides a simple endpoint-specific throttling mechanism.
  • grape-batch: Rack middleware which extends Grape::API to support request batching.


  • grape-route-helpers: Path helpers for Grape APIs, similar to Rails’ named path helpers.
  • grape-raketasks: Rake task to print out Grape API routes, similar to Rails’ rake routes.


  • grape_logging: Provides simple request logging capabilities (response code, path, parameters, request time, etc).
  • grape-middleware-logger: Middleware that logs the request path, endpoint name, parameters, response status, errors and duration.

Authentication and Authorization


Monitoring, Performance & Instrumentation


  • grape-reload: Expiremental approach for providing reloading of Grape-based rack applications in dev.



  • grape-scaffold: An API scaffold generator for Rails.
  • grape-api-generator: Some rails generators to help quickly bootstrap new Grape API structure.
  • gris: A framework (and generators) for building hal+json hypermedia API services using Rack, Grape, Roar, RSpec, and ActiveRecord.
  • grape-starter Quickly create a API skeleton using Rack, Grape, Grape Swagger and Sequel or ActiveRecord.
  • grapethor Grape REST-like API application generator based on Thor.

Opinionated Frameworks

  • grape_ape_rails: Wrap the various best practices of integrating your API within the context of a Rails app.
  • napa: A simple framework for building Rack based APIs using Grape, Roar and ActiveRecord to feel similar to what you would expect from a Rails app.
  • grape-transformations: A gem that works with Rails and Grape to organize and make possible the use of multiple Grape entities per model, while at the same time, decoupling them from your models.


Please contribute a project to this page.

We encourage you to develop and support your Grape ecosystem project, expand its maintainers and help a community thrive. Some projects do become quite popular and you might want to donate them to the community at large. If you want to move a project to the ruby-grape Github organization please make a succinct proposal on the mailing list. A member of the core team will make the call.