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An opinionated framework for creating REST-like APIs in Ruby.

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There’re thousands of companies using Grape, this page was started recently. The more people use Grape and talk about it, the better Grape becomes! Please do contribute the name of your company to this page.

  • has a public API built with Grape.
  • is a media platform for the global development community. We use Grape internally and expose some endpoints to partners.
  • Screenhero, now sadly defunct, offers screensharing with real-time interactivity. Screenhero made extensive use of Grape for its private and public APIs (e.g. as used by Slack’s integration).
  • Meeteor, Meeteor is a web app that helps you leverage your meetings to drive productivity, build a healthy company culture, and achieve greater results. Meeteor uses Grape API to support its mobile and android UIs + various other extensions like extensions for outlook, google calendar, hipchat, slack.
  • GitLab, GitLab is an open-core web application that includes issue tracking, merge requests, Continuous Integration, and more. Community Edition is fully open source and includes an API built using Grape.
  • Mapotempo publishes Open Source route planning and optimization solutions. Grape is used on the majority of the company projects which expose an API.


Please contribute the name of your company to this page.